The domain within your query sequence starts at position 1 and ends at position 231; the E-value for the CENP-K domain shown below is 1.1e-99.



PFAM accession number:PF11802
Interpro abstract (IPR020993):

Cenp-K is one of seven new Cenp-A-nucleosome distal (CAD) centromere components (the others being Cenp-L, Cenp-O, Cenp-P, Cenp-Q, Cenp-R and Cenp-S) that are identified as assembling on the Cenp-A nucleosome associated complex, NAC [ (PUBMED:16622419) ]. The Cenp-A NAC is essential, as disruption of the complex causes errors of chromosome alignment and segregation that preclude cell survival despite continued centromere-derived mitotic checkpoint signalling. Cenp-K is centromere-associated through its interaction with one or more components of the Cenp-A NAC. It may be involved in incorporation of newly synthesized Cenp-A into centromeres via its interaction with the Cenp-A-NAC complex [ (PUBMED:18045986) ].

The homologue in Schizosaccharomyces pombe is known as inner kinetochore subunit sim4 [ (PUBMED:12719471) (PUBMED:18007590) ].

GO process:kinetochore assembly (GO:0051382)
GO component:nucleus (GO:0005634)

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