The domain within your query sequence starts at position 124 and ends at position 196; the E-value for the Cnn_1N domain shown below is 3.2e-26.



PFAM accession number:PF07989
Interpro abstract (IPR012943):

This domain (Cnn_1N) is a short conserved motif found in the N-terminal of a group of centrosome or spindle pole body (SPB) associated proteins, including Mto1 and Pcp1 from S. pombe [ (PUBMED:15004232) (PUBMED:11864908) ], centrosomin from flies [ (PUBMED:10357928) (PUBMED:24656740) ] and myomegalin/CDK5RAP2 from mammals [ (PUBMED:18042621) (PUBMED:11134006) ].

In Drosophila, centrosomin (Cnn) is an essential mitotic centrosome component required for assembly of all other known pericentriolar matrix (PCM) proteins to achieve microtubule-organising activity at mitosis. The Cnn_1N domain (motif 1 of Cnn) is necessary for proper recruitment of gamma-tubulin, D-TACC (the homologue of vertebrate transforming acidic coiled-coil proteins [TACC]), and Minispindles (Msps) to embryonic centrosomes but is not required for assembly of other centrosome components including Aurora A kinase and CP60 in Drosophila [ (PUBMED:17671162) ].

GO component:microtubule organizing center (GO:0005815)

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