The domain within your query sequence starts at position 274 and ends at position 340; the E-value for the FAST_1 domain shown below is 7.4e-18.



PFAM accession number:PF06743
Interpro abstract (IPR010622):

This entry represents a conserved region of eukaryotic Fas-activated serine/threonine (FAST) kinases that contains several conserved leucine residues. This domain can be found in the FASTK family members, including FASTK, FASTKD1, FASTKD2 and FASTKD5. FAST kinase has been shown to be rapidly activated during Fas-mediated apoptosis, when it phosphorylates TIA-1, a nuclear RNA-binding protein that has been implicated as an effector of apoptosis [ (PUBMED:7544399) ]. However, a critical active site residues are not conserved within the family and their kinase activity has been questioned [ (PUBMED:20869947) ].

FASTK localizes to nucleus, cytosol and mitochondria. FASTKD1, FASTKD2 and FASTKD5 localizes to mitochondria. FASTK has been shown to bind ND6 mRNA and cooperate with the mitochondrial degradosome to ensure regulated ND6 mRNA biogenesis [ (PUBMED:25704814) ]. FASTKD1, FASTKD2 and FASTKD5 are involved in mitochondrial RNA stability [ (PUBMED:29036396) ].

GO process:regulation of mitochondrial mRNA stability (GO:0044528)

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