The domain within your query sequence starts at position 97 and ends at position 162; the E-value for the HAP1_N domain shown below is 2e-11.



PFAM accession number:PF04849
Interpro abstract (IPR006933):

This entry represents a N-terminal conserved region found in huntingtin-associated protein 1 (HAP1), trafficking Kinesin proteins TRAK1 and TRAK2 (vertebrate), Milton (Drosophila) and T27A3.1 (C. elegans) [ (PUBMED:27737633) ].

HAP1 binds to huntingtin in a polyglutamine repeat-length-dependent manner [ (PUBMED:7477378) (PUBMED:9599014) (PUBMED:9285789) ]. It is involved in intracellular trafficking [ (PUBMED:19262167) ]. HAP1 is also linked to Alzheimer's disease. It regulates amyloid precursor protein subcellular trafficking to the non-amyloidogenic pathway and may negatively regulate Abeta production in neurons [ (PUBMED:22731248) ].

TRAK1 binds to both kinesin-1 and dynein/dynactin, is prominently localized in axons, and is needed for normal axon outgrowth, whereas TRAK2 predominantly interacts with dynein/dynactin, is more abundantly present in dendrites, and is required for dendritic development [ (PUBMED:23395375) ].

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