The domain within your query sequence starts at position 180 and ends at position 231; the E-value for the HUN domain shown below is 4.8e-22.



PFAM accession number:PF08729
Interpro abstract (IPR014840):

HPC2 (Histone promoter control 2) is required for cell-cycle regulation of histone transcription [ (PUBMED:1406694) ]. It regulates transcription of the histone genes during the S-phase of the cell cycle by repressing transcription at other cell cycle stages. HPC2 mutants display synthetic interactions with FACT complex which allows RNA Pol II to elongate through nucleosomes [ (PUBMED:12524332) ].

This short domain is referred to as the HRD or Hpc2-related domain and is found in both human, yeast and Sch. pombe sequences. Hpc2 is one of the proteins of one of the multi-subunit complexes that mediate replication-independent nucleosome assembly, along with histone chaperone proteins. The Hip4 sequence from Sch. pombe is an integral component of this complex that is required for transcriptional silencing at multiple loci [ (PUBMED:20976105) ].

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