The domain within your query sequence starts at position 30 and ends at position 68; the E-value for the KN_motif domain shown below is 3.3e-24.



PFAM accession number:PF12075
Interpro abstract (IPR021939):

This small motif is found at the N terminus of Kank proteins and has been called the KN (for Kank N-terminal) motif. This protein is found in eukaryotes. Proteins in this family are typically between 413 to 1202 amino acids in length. This protein is found associated with . This protein has two conserved sequence motifs: TPYG and LDLDF. Kank1 was obtained by positional cloning of a tumor suppressor gene in renal cell carcinoma, while the other members were found by homology search. The family is involved in the regulation of actin polymerisation and cell motility through signaling pathways containing PI3K/Akt and/or unidentified modulators/effectors [ (PUBMED:17996375) ].

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