The domain within your query sequence starts at position 4 and ends at position 110; the E-value for the LIAS_N domain shown below is 5.8e-49.



PFAM accession number:PF16881
Interpro abstract (IPR031691):

Lipoyl synthase is an iron-sulphur protein [ (PUBMED:10403368) ]. It is localised to mitochondria in yeast and Arabidopsis [ (PUBMED:8349643) (PUBMED:12062419) ]. It generates lipoic acid, a thiol antioxidant that is linked to a specific Lys as prosthetic group for the pyruvate and alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase complexes and the glycine-cleavage system.

This domain is found in the N terminus of lipoyl synthases.

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