The domain within your query sequence starts at position 1 and ends at position 112; the E-value for the MHC2-interact domain shown below is 5.8e-45.



PFAM accession number:PF09307
Interpro abstract (IPR015386):

This domain is found in MHC class II-associated invariant chain (Ii), and in class II invariant chain-associated peptide (CLIP), and is required for association with class II major histocompatibility complex (MHC II) in the MHC II processing pathway [ (PUBMED:12589760) ]. Ii plays a critical role in the assembly of the MHC, as well as in MHC II antigen processing by stabilising peptide-free class II alpha/beta heterodimers in a complex soon after their synthesis and directing transport of the complex from the endoplasmic reticulum to compartments where peptide loading of class II takes place [ (PUBMED:16337363) ]. In antigen-presenting cells (APCs), loading of MHC II molecules with peptides is regulated by Ii, which blocks MHC II antigen-binding sites in pre-endosomal compartments [ (PUBMED:16181341) ]. Several factors modulate the surface expression of MHC II molecules via post-Golgi mechanisms, including CLIP.

The Invariant chain contains a single transmembrane domain. Ii first assembles into a trimer and then associates with three class II alpha/beta MHC heterodimers. Although the membrane-proximal region of the Ii luminal domain is structurally disordered, the C-terminal segment of the luminal domain is largely alpha-helical and contains a major interaction site for the Ii trimer [ (PUBMED:9843486) ].

GO process:immune response (GO:0006955), antigen processing and presentation (GO:0019882), intracellular protein transport (GO:0006886)
GO component:membrane (GO:0016020)
GO function:MHC class II protein binding (GO:0042289)

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