The domain within your query sequence starts at position 78 and ends at position 152; the E-value for the MIF4G domain shown below is 1.3e-19.



PFAM accession number:PF02854
Interpro abstract (IPR003890):

MIF4G stands for middle domain of eukaryotic initiation factor 4G (eIF4G). eIF4G is a component of the translation initiation factor eIF4F complex and the cytoplasmic cap-binding protein complex (CBC). In the cytoplasm, cap binding complexes, distinct in their composition from nuclear cap-binding complexes, have important roles in the initiation of mRNA translation.

The MIF4G domain also occurs in other proteins, including CBP80, a component of the nuclear CBC and NMD2, involved in the cytoplasmic nonsense-mediated mRNA decay. The domain is rich in alpha-helices and may contain multiple alpha-helical repeats. In eIF4G, this domain binds to the two other components of the eIF4F complex, eIF4A and eIF3E, and to RNA and DNA [ (PUBMED:10973054) ].

GO function:protein binding (GO:0005515), RNA binding (GO:0003723)

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