The domain within your query sequence starts at position 94 and ends at position 276; the E-value for the MRG domain shown below is 1.5e-56.



PFAM accession number:PF05712
Interpro abstract (IPR026541):

MORF4 (mortality factor on chromosome 4), MRG15 (MORF4-related gene on chromosome 15) and MRGX (MORF4-related gene on chromosome X) are members of the MRG protein family that were first identified as transcription factors involved in cellular senescence. All expressed members of the MRG family are localized to the nucleus and have predicted motifs that indicate they function as chromatin remodeling complex components. MORF4, MRG15 and MRGX share a common C-terminal part but a different N-terminal part. The C-terminal similarity of all MRG family members (MORF4, MRG15 and MRGX homologues) defines a new conserved protein domain. The ~170 amino acid MRG domain binds a plethora of transcriptional regulators and chromatin-remodeling factors, including the histone deacetylase transriptional corepressor mSin3A and the nuclear protein PAM14 (protein-associated MRG, 14kDa) [ (PUBMED:9891081) (PUBMED:11290425) ].

The MRG domain consists of three conserved blocks. It is predominantly hydrophobic, and consists of mainly alpha-helices that are arranged in a three layer sandwich topology. The hydrophobic core is stabilised by interactions among a number of conserved hydrophobic residues. The molecular surface is largely hydrophobic, but contains a few hydrophilic patches [ (PUBMED:16407074) (PUBMED:17008723) (PUBMED:22244764) ].

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