The domain within your query sequence starts at position 673 and ends at position 732; the E-value for the NYD-SP28_assoc domain shown below is 2.2e-25.



PFAM accession number:PF14775
Interpro abstract (IPR029440):

This entry represents the C-terminal domain of dynein regulatory complex protein 1 (DRC1, also known as CCDC164). DRC1 is a key component of the nexin-dynein regulatory complex (N-DRC), essential for N-DRC integrity. It is required for the assembly and regulation of specific classes of inner dynein arm motors. It may also function to restrict dynein-driven microtubule sliding, thus aiding in the generation of ciliary bending [ (PUBMED:23354437) ].

Mutations of DRC1 gene cause Ciliary dyskinesia, primary, 21 (CILD21), which is a disorder characterised by abnormalities of motile cilia [ (PUBMED:23354437) ].

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