The domain within your query sequence starts at position 115 and ends at position 273; the E-value for the PAD_M domain shown below is 4.2e-61.



PFAM accession number:PF08527
Interpro abstract (IPR013733):

Peptidylarginine deiminase (PAD) enzymes catalyze the conversion of protein-bound arginine to citrulline. There are five types of PADs known in humans, PAD1-PAD4 and PAD6 [ (PUBMED:14579251) ]. This entry represents the central non-catalytic domain of protein-arginine deiminase. This domain has an immunoglobulin-like fold [ (PUBMED:16567635) ].

GO process:protein citrullination (GO:0018101)
GO component:cytoplasm (GO:0005737)
GO function:calcium ion binding (GO:0005509), protein-arginine deiminase activity (GO:0004668)

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