The domain within your query sequence starts at position 21 and ends at position 268; the E-value for the PC-Esterase domain shown below is 3.8e-51.



PFAM accession number:PF13839
Interpro abstract (IPR026057):

The PC-Esterase family [ (PUBMED:20056006) ] is comprised of Cas1p, the Homo sapiens C7orf58, Arabidopsis thaliana PMR5 and a group of plant freezing resistance/cold acclimatization proteins typified by Arabidopsis thaliana ESKIMO1 [ (PUBMED:20657172) (PUBMED:21408051) ], animal FAM55D proteins, and animal FAM113 proteins. The PC-Esterase family has features that are both similar and different from the canonical GDSL/SGNH superfamily [ (PUBMED:20056006) ]. The members of this family are predicted to have Acyl esterase activity and predicted to modify cell-surface biopolymers such as glycans and glycoproteins [ (PUBMED:20056006) (PUBMED:21408051) ]. The Cas1p protein has a Cas1_AcylT domain, in addition, with the opposing acyltransferase activity [ (PUBMED:20056006) ]. The C7orf58 family has a ATP-Grasp domain fused to the PC-Esterase and is the first identified secreted tubulin-tyrosine ligase like enzyme in eukaryotes [ (PUBMED:20056006) ]. The plant family with PMR5, ESK1, TBL3 etc have an N-terminal C rich potential sugar binding domain followed by the PC-Esterase domain [ (PUBMED:20056006) ].

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