The domain within your query sequence starts at position 1 and ends at position 91; the E-value for the Protamine_P2 domain shown below is 1.5e-45.



PFAM accession number:PF00841
Interpro abstract (IPR000492):

The protamines are a diverse family of small arginine-rich proteins that are synthesized in the late-stage spermatids of many animals and plants. They bind to DNA, condensing the spermatid genome into a genetically inactive state. The two protamines found in mammals, P1 and P2, are the most widely studied. Both P1 and P2 have been shown to be required for normal sperm function in primates and many rodents [ (PUBMED:17903313) ].

This entry represents protamine 2 (PRM2), which is present in haploid spermatogenic cells of human, mouse and other primates. The protamine P2 gene codes for a P2 precursor, pro-P2 which is later processed by proteolytic cleavages in its N-terminal region to form the mature P2 protamines [ (PUBMED:8513810) ].

GO process:DNA packaging (GO:0006323), spermatid development (GO:0007286)
GO function:DNA binding (GO:0003677)

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