The domain within your query sequence starts at position 196 and ends at position 218; the E-value for the SOCS_box domain shown below is 2.2e-6.



PFAM accession number:PF07525
Interpro abstract (IPR001496):

The SOCS box was first identified in SH2-domain-containing proteins of the suppressor of cytokines signalling (SOCS) family [ (PUBMED:9202125) ] but was later also found in:

  • the WSB (WD-40-repeat-containing proteins with a SOCS box) family,
  • the SSB (SPRY domain-containing proteins with a SOCS box) family,
  • the ASB (ankyrin-repeat-containing proteins with a SOCS box) family,
  • and ras and ras-like GTPases [ (PUBMED:9419338) ].

The SOCS box found in these proteins is an about 50 amino acid C-terminal domain composed of two blocks of well-conserved residues separated by between 2 and 10 non-conserved residues [ (PUBMED:9419338) ]. The C-terminal conserved region is an L/P-rich sequence of unknown function, whereas the N-terminal conserved region is a consensus BC box [ (PUBMED:9869640) ], which binds to the Elongin BC complex [ (PUBMED:9869640) (PUBMED:10051596) ]. It has been demonstrated that this association couple bound proteins to the ubiquitination or proteasomal compartments [ (PUBMED:10051596) (PUBMED:15601820) ].

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