The domain within your query sequence starts at position 42 and ends at position 139; the E-value for the SRCR_2 domain shown below is 1.1e-38.



PFAM accession number:PF15494
Interpro abstract (IPR017448):

The scavenger receptor cysteine-rich (SRCR) domain is an ancient and highly conserved domain of about 110 residues which is found in diverse secreted and cell-surface proteins, like the type I scavenger receptor, the speract receptor, CD5/Ly-1, CD6, or complement factor I [ (PUBMED:1978939) ]. Tandem repeats of SRCR domains are common in the membrane bound proteins. Most SRCR domains have six to eight cysteines that participate in intradomain disulfide bonds. SRCR domains have been subdivided into two groups, A and B, primarily on the differences in the spacing pattern between the cysteine residues [ (PUBMED:8140623) (PUBMED:10074941) ]. Besides type I scavenger receptor, this domain can also be found in the N-terminal of hepsin [ (PUBMED:12962630) ].

GO component:membrane (GO:0016020)

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