The domain within your query sequence starts at position 24 and ends at position 211; the E-value for the Shisa domain shown below is 1.3e-59.



PFAM accession number:PF13908
Interpro abstract (IPR026910):

Shisa is a transmembrane, transcription factor-type protein that physically interacts with immature forms of the Wnt receptor Frizzled and the FGF receptor within the endoplasmic reticulum to inhibit their post-translational maturation and trafficking to the cell surface [ (PUBMED:15680320) (PUBMED:18033675) ].

The Shisa family founding member, Xenopus Shisa, promotes head development by antagonising Wnt and FGF signaling [ (PUBMED:15680328) ]. Several vertebrate homologues have been identified with implicated roles in development, cancer and apoptosis [ (PUBMED:16773659) (PUBMED:18954025) (PUBMED:12135983) ]. Distantly related Shisa homologues have also been detected that possess an N-terminal domain with six conserved cysteines. These Shisa-like proteins include SHISAL1 (shisa-like-1, also known as KIAA1644), SHISAL2A (FAM159A) and SHISAL2B (FAM159B) from vertebrates [ (PUBMED:22120523) ].

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