The domain within your query sequence starts at position 333 and ends at position 578; the E-value for the TLV_coat domain shown below is 1.9e-59.



PFAM accession number:PF00429
Interpro abstract (IPR018154):

Enveloped viruses such as Human immunodeficiency virus 1, influenza virus, and Ebola virus sp. express a surface glycoprotein that mediates both cell attachment and fusion of viral and cellular membranes. The ENV polyprotein (coat polyprotein) usually contains two coat proteins which differ depending on the source.

The structure of a number of the ENV polyprotein domains have been determined:

  • The crystal structure of an extraviral segment of the Moloney murine leukemia virus (MoMuLV) transmembrane (TM) subunit has been determined to 1.7-A resolution. This segment contains a trimeric coiled coil, with a hydrophobic cluster at its base and a strand that packs in an antiparallel orientation against the coiled coil. This structure serves as a model for a wide range of viral fusion proteins; key residues in this structure are conserved among C- and D-type retroviruses and the filovirus ebola [ (PUBMED:8612078) ].
  • An essential step in retrovirus infection is the binding of the virus to its receptor on a target cell. The structure of the receptor-binding domain of the envelope glycoprotein from Friend murine leukemia virus (F-MuLV) has been determined determined to 2.0-A resolution. The core of the domain is an antiparallel beta sandwich, with two interstrand loops forming a helical subdomain atop the sandwich. The residues in the helical region, but not in the beta sandwich, are highly variable among mammalian C-type retroviruses with distinct tropisms, indicating that the helical subdomain determines the receptor specificity of the virus [ (PUBMED:9287219) ].

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