The domain within your query sequence starts at position 1 and ends at position 83; the E-value for the XRCC4 domain shown below is 5.4e-45.



PFAM accession number:PF06632
Interpro abstract (IPR010585):

This entry represents the DNA double-strand break repair and V(D)J recombination protein XRCC4, which is found in certain Metazoans, fungi and plants. XRCC4 binds to DNA, and to DNA ligase IV (LIG4) to form the LIG4-XRCC4 complex [ (PUBMED:11029705) ]. The LIG4-XRCC4 complex is responsible for the ligation step in the non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) pathway of DNA double-strand break repair. XRCC4 enhances the joining activity of LIG4. It is thought that XRCC4 and LIG4 are essential for alignment-based gap filling, as well as for final ligation of the breaks [ (PUBMED:12517771) ]. Binding of the LIG4-XRCC4 complex to DNA ends is dependent on the assembly of the DNA-dependent protein kinase complex DNA-PK to these DNA ends.

GO process:DNA recombination (GO:0006310), double-strand break repair (GO:0006302)
GO component:nucleus (GO:0005634)
GO function:DNA binding (GO:0003677)

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