The domain within your query sequence starts at position 104 and ends at position 246; the E-value for the zf-NPL4 domain shown below is 1.1e-61.



PFAM accession number:PF05020
Interpro abstract (IPR007716):

The HRD4 gene is identical to NPL4, a gene previously implicated in nuclear transport. Using a diverse set of substrates and direct ubiquitination assays, analysis revealed that HRD4/NPL4 is required for a poorly characterised step in ER-associated degradation after ubiquitination of target proteins but before their recognition by the 26S proteasome [ (PUBMED:11739805) ]. This region of the protein contains possibly two zinc binding motifs. Npl4p physically associates with Cdc48p via Ufd1p to form a Cdc48p-Ufd1p-Npl4p complex. The Cdc48-Ufd1-Npl4 complex functions in the recognition of several polyubiquitin-tagged proteins and facilitates their presentation to the 26S proteasome for processive degradation or even more specific processing.

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