The domain within your query sequence starts at position 328 and ends at position 377; the E-value for the SANT domain shown below is 7.01e-9.



SANT SWI3, ADA2, N-CoR and TFIIIB'' DNA-binding domains
SMART accession number:SM00717
Description: -
Interpro abstract (IPR001005):

The retroviral oncogene v-myb, and its cellular counterpart c-myb, encode nuclear DNA-binding proteins. In myb, one of the most conserved regions consisting of three tandem repeats has been shown to be involved in DNA-binding [ (PUBMED:2824190) ].

The SANT domain is present in nuclear receptor co-repressors and in the subunits of many chromatin-remodelling complexes [ (PUBMED:8882580) ]. It has a strong structural similarity to the DNA-binding domain of Myb-related proteins [ (PUBMED:14536084) ]. Both consist of tandem repeats of three alpha-helices that are arranged in a helix-turn-helix motif, each alpha helix containing a bulky aromatic residue. Despite the overall similarity there is differences that indicate that the SANT domain is functionally divergent from the canonical Myb DNA-binding domain [ (PUBMED:15040448) ].

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There are 139666 SANT domains in 88628 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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