The domain within your query sequence starts at position 7 and ends at position 86; the E-value for the XTALbg domain shown below is 5.98e-40.



Beta/gamma crystallins
SMART accession number:SM00247
Description: Beta/gamma crystallins
Interpro abstract (IPR001064):

The crystallins are water-soluble structural proteins that occur in high concentration in the cytoplasm of eye lens fibre cells. Four major groups of crystallin have been distinguished on the basis of size, charge and immunological properties: alpha-, beta- and gamma-crystallins occur in all vertebrate classes (though gamma-crystallins are low or absent in avian lenses); and delta-crystallin is found exclusively in reptiles and birds [ (PUBMED:2688200) (PUBMED:7634077) ].

This entry represents beta and gamma- crystallin which form a family of related proteins [ (PUBMED:2107329) (PUBMED:3064189) ]. Structurally, beta and gamma crystallins are composed of two similar domains which, in turn, are each composed of two similar motifs with the two domains connected by a short connecting peptide. Each motif, which is about forty amino acid residues long, is folded in a distinctive 'Greek key' pattern.

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There are 17301 XTALbg domains in 7569 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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